Goal Achievement Through Self-Hypnosis

Experience the hypnotic voice of Sami Dare. Let her take you into a pleasant realm of natural relaxation. Let your mind float in a safe and pleasant state of altered consciousness. And then - achieve success through the science of self-hypnosis.

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Diet control

Become more than satisfied with low calorie foods. Overcome temptations. Develop new eating patterns. Avoid eating while under stress.

Smoking control

Free yourself from addiction to all tobacco products. Feel more confident each day you no longer smoke. Overcome momentary urges, with no effect on eating or other habits.

Stress control

A great all around relaxation trip. Reprogram your mind to experience stressful situations differently. Conditioned release of the relaxation response.

All three included on one CD!

Some answers to common questions about self-hypnosis.

How does self-hypnosis work?

Self-hypnosis is a state of focused inner awareness that is as safe as a pleasant daydream. Positive suggestions repeated to your mind in a relaxed state tend to become reality! You’ll need less than fifteen minutes per day, and it is recommended that you begin by using the CD once every day for 30 days. Your determination and regular hypnotic practice will help you achieve success.

I don’t believe I can be hypnotized! Will self-hypnosis work for me?

Most people cannot tell when they are hypnotized. If you feel you are “not hypnotized” because you are aware of things going on around you, keep in mind that no two people experience hypnosis in the same way. You will still achieve success using self-hypnosis.

How will using the CD affect my ability to react to my surroundings?

Hypnosis is not “sleep.” You will be able to respond to whatever is going on around you whenever you choose. For that reason, you should use the CD in a quiet place where you will remain undisturbed.

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